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New Antiquities System in ESO

Dig up Tamriel’s History

Zenimax has announced a new Antiquities System will be introduced as part of the upcoming Greymoor Chapter. Join the Antiquarian Circle and become a treasure hunter digging up unique collectibles, treasure, and even powerful mythic items.

ESO Greymoor Antiquities System

The new antiquities system features two mini-games: Scrying and Excavation. Scrying gives you a new tool to augur the location of these hidden items and Excavation allows you to dig them up.

Official Zenimax News Release

Discover the new Antiquities system in this latest Greymoor preview video!

Explore Tamriel and uncover its hidden treasures and lore with the new Antiquities system, coming soon as part of The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. Featuring two unique mini-games and Skill Lines, with Antiquities, you can travel all over the continent (and beyond) as a member of the Antiquarian Circle to discover the location of hidden relics and riches. Unlock unique collectibles, styles, treasures, PvP, and “Mythic” items, and more in your quest to become a Master Historian!

You can read the full official announcement from Zenimax, with more details on this new system for the Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor by following this link:
Dig up Tamriel’s History with the New Antiquities System.

Are you excited about the new Antiquities System? Will you be making an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft style character to join the Antiquarian Circle?

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