World of Warcraft

I have been playing World of Warcraft (WoW) since spring 2005 and have never looked back, it has probably been my game of choice ever since. I have far too many Alts across far too many accounts – I am self-confessed Altaholic and Warcraft Addict.

I am bi-factional and currently play both Alliance and Horde in the retail version of World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth.

For the Alliance!

My main alliance character in the World of Warcraft is a Human Paladin called Kharlos, (he started out as a Dwarf, but was race changed to Human in January 2020), although that isn’t where my journey started (more about Kharlos). The first character I created was a Night Elf Hunter by the name of Drakenwolfe on a PvP server. I leveled him to level 19 before making a Dwarf Hunter during the summer of 2005. This character was my main for quite some time before being lured to the ‘darkside’ by my sons to start playing Horde.

For the Horde!

My main horde character in WoW is a Blood Elf Paladin called Kharlas, yes it’s a female character. However, my initial horde main was an Orc Hunter. Having played as an alliance character for quite some time on a PvP server, I had been on the receiving end of many a Horde attack, “****ing Orcs!”. When asked to make a Horde character the exclamation of, “****ing Orcs!?!” might of been mentioned a few times – hence “***Kin’ Orcs”, and Kinorx the Orc Hunter was born.


I have continued to play both factions and started to drift from main-ing Hunters to a Paladin main on both Alliance and Horde after the release of the Burning Crusade. However, it wasn’t until January 2013 that I managed to reach a maximum level on both an Alliance and a Horde character.

PvP to PvE

Over the years the family & friends playing World of Warcraft have drifted in and out of an active subscription and I found I wasn’t enjoying being on a PvP server without a group to hang out with, so many of my Alts and especially my mains were moved to PvE servers so that I could concentrate on Quests and leveling without being ganked by the opposite faction.

EU/US Characters & Realms (Retail)

I have far too many Alts across far too many realms located in both the EU and US / NA to list them all, but here are my ‘mains’. You will usually find me hanging out in game on the following:

EU Realms – Alliance

  • Silvermoon – Kharlos & Grimza
  • Argent Dawn – Kharlos & Khravox

EU Realms – Horde

  • Draenor – Kharlas & Kinorx

US Realms – Alliance

  • Silvermoon – Kharlos
  • Stormrage – Kharlos

US Realms – Horde

  • Draenor – Kharlos
  • Area 52 – Kharlas