WoW Classic

Following the release of WoW Classic, I have returned home to where it all began in 2005. I am enjoying playing and streaming classic WoW on both factions and have even returned to PvP servers. 

EU/US Characters & Realms (Classic)

Yet again I already have far too many Alts spread across far too many realms located in both the EU and US / NA, but here are my ‘mains’. You will usually find me hanging out in Classic on the following:

EU Realms – Alliance

  • Pyrewood Village (PvE) – Kharlos & Grimza
  • Judgement (PvP) – Kharlos & Kharloz

EU Realms – Horde

  • Mirage Raceway (PvE) – Kharlos & Zuladan
  • Ten Storms (PvP) – Kharlos & Kinorx

US Realms – Alliance

  • Windseeker (PvE) – Kharlos
  • Faerlina (PvP) – Kharlos

US Realms – Horde

  • Mankrik (PvE) – Kharlos & Zuladan
  • Neverwind (PvP) – Kharloz & Kinorx