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WoW BFA Warbringers: Jaina

World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Pre-launch Warbringers Animated Short #1 – Jaina Proudmoore

Blizzard has released the first of their animated shorts in the Warbringers series that will lead us in to the Battle for Azeroth launch on 14th August 2018. The Warbringers series of animated shorts are set to feature Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Queen Azshara.

The video takes the form of a sea shanty and tells the sad tale of Jaina’s guilt surrounding the death of her father, Dealin Proudmoore, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras.

Jaina and Sylvanas are my two favourite characters in Warcraft lore and I have to say I absolutely love this video. The sea shanty is fantastic and the ending sends shivers down your spine.

“Daughter of the Sea” Lyrics

“Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea.”
“Beware,” I heard him cry.
His words carried upon the ocean breeze,
As he sank beneath the tide.
Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor,
Where sailors fought and died.
The admiral fell at Theramore,
because she left his side.
Why this? Why this oh Daughter of the Sea?
Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?
Always the pride of our nation’s eyes,
How could she go astray?

When she did flee across the ocean deep,
the admiral followed west.
What else but sail to save a daughter’s life,
and pray she still drew breath?
But there he found upon those distant shores,
Enemies ‘pon the rise!
But when he faced those savage foes
His daughter stood aside.
And buried deep beneath the waves,
Betrayed by family.
To his nation, with his last breath, cried,
“Beware the Daughter of the Sea”.


“Im listening now, father!
I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea
the old voice warning me,”
“Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea.”
“Beware, beware,
of me!”

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