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My Top 10: Warcraft YouTube Channels of 2018

Here is a list of my favourite YouTube Channels that I find myself watching on a regular basis. These World of Warcraft YouTubers are by no means all of them, it is simply my Top 10 list that I would recommend. There are probably some notable YouTube content creators missing from this list, but you can find plenty of ranked lists elsewhere… So here we go with my view on the channels worth watching.


#1 Taliesin & Evitel Do Games

Subscribers: 247k

My No.1 pick has to be Taliesin & Evitel. They might not have the biggest subscriber base at about 246k, but for me they are without doubt the best! Their passion, enthusiasm and brilliant sense of humour has me hooked. I love the weekly reset updates, game and lore insights and of course the spoof Warcraft Q&As from Ion & Josh. They are a source of inspiration, I hope once I get to grips better with YouTube & Twitch I can produce content that is as well put together as theirs. Highly recommended that you check out their YouTube Channel by clicking the link below.

Taliesin & Evitel
Visit the Taliesin & Evitel Do Games YouTube Channel – Taliesin & Evitel Do Games


#2 BellularGaming

Subscribers: 467k

My No.2 pick is Bellular. Yet again, another fantastic content producer with plenty of insightful game news & updates, speculation. I have also used Bellular videos to try out Warcraft with a PS4 controller, which kind of worked OK, and I still pop back to use it that way occasionally for low level alts when I am just generally questing and messing about in game.

Bellular Gaming YouTube Channel
Visit the Bellular Gaming YouTube Channel – BellularGaming


#3 Hazelnuttygames

Subscribers: 136k

Coming in at No.3 is Hazel Nutty Games. I really like the informal chatty style and if it wasn’t for this channel, I would never have got my Keybinds for my G13 gamepad sorted out, for which I am eternally grateful. There are plenty of hints and tips on Mounts and Pets, all of which I must get round to doing at some point in the future – so many alts, so little time!

Hazel Nutty Games YouTube Channel
Visit the Hazel Nutty Games YouTube Channel – Hazelnuttygames

#4 TradeChat

Subscribers: 475k

Tradechat (aka Panser) was probably the first content creator that I subscribed to. Tradechat has since switched to producing most content on Facebook rather than YouTube, but still publishes some great reaction videos on YouTube along with her ‘Ketchup’ and Review videos. Well worth checking out on both YouTube and Facebook.

TradeChat YouTube Channel
Visit the TradeChat YouTube Channel – TradeChat


#5 SoulSoBreezy

Subscribers: 20k

One of the smaller YouTube followings, but well worth checking out, SoulSoBreezy is another content creator that brings his sense of humour to the videos, with his sidekick Bob the robot.

SoulSoBreezy YouTube Channel
Visit the SoulSoBreezy YouTube Channel – SoulSoBreezy


#6 HeelvsBabyface

Subscribers: 160k

HeelvsBabyface is one of the more recent content creators I have started to follow. I enjoy the rants, opinions and of course the humour that goes with them.

HeelvsBabyface YouTube Channel
Visit the HeelvsBabyface YouTube Channel – HeelvsBabyface


#7 Krimson KB

Subscribers: 5.7k

Another YouTube channel with some great opinions on the state of the game, plus some great reaction & review videos.

Krimson KB YouTube Channel
Visit the Krimson KB YouTube Channel – Krimson KB


#8 Pyromancer

Subscribers: 63k

Another channel with some lively opinions on the state of the game along with tips, news and predictions.

Pyromancer YouTube Channel
Visit the Pyromancer YouTube Channel – Pyromancer


 #9 Asmongold

Subscribers: 308k

Another of the ‘big hitters’ in terms of subscriber numbers and is probably already on your own subscribe list along with Bellular and TradeChat. Covers a wide range of hints, tip, guides, live gameplay, and of course gold farming guides.

Asmongold YouTube Channel
Visit the Asmongold YouTube Channel – Asmongold


#10 AnnieFuchsia

Subscribers: 9.4k

AnnieFuchsia is another recent addition to my watch list. Although part of the WoWhead team, I first became aware of this particular channel after it was promoted on Blizzard’s game launcher. Slightly off topic, but I have to thank her Twitch channel for the inspiration for how to configure my own Twitch Channel. Dungeon runs, reactions, and gameplay.

AnnieFuchsia YouTube Channel
Visit the AnnieFuchsia YouTube Channel – AnnieFuchsia


That concludes my Top 10 list. I will probably revisit the list in the future and update it. In case you where wondering about my own newbie channel – it is here…

#Newbie Kharlos

Subscribers: 10

Yes, that isn’t a mis-keyed number of subscribers, it is literally 10. At the moment I am mostly doing World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth gameplay and live stream videos for quests and leveling. I’ll look at doing some reactions, rants & reviews as I get more familiar with what I am doing. If you do want to subscribe to my channel, I would be very grateful – it has taken me nearly six months since I started to get to ten subscribers, so let me see if I can make to 20 before next July.

Kharlos the Gamer YouTube Channel
Visit my Kharlos the Gamer YouTube Channel – Kharlos the Gamer

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