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WoW Shadowlands – Kharlos Campaign Quests

Patch 9.1 Campaign Quests

Kharlos the Retribution Paladin continues his journey into the Shadowlands at max level 60 exploring the Maw and Korthia. The Stream is Raided by the Vanguard Mafia Guild.

World of Warcraft Patch 9.1 Campaign Quests covered in this video & Highlights:

  • Birds of a Feather Quest
  • The Caged Bird Quest
  • Claim the Sky Quest
  • A Hate-Hate Relationship Quest
  • Fury Given Voice & The Chosen Few Quest
  • Wrath of Odyn Quest
  • Mawsplaining Quest
  • Replenish the Reservoir Quest
  • Return Lost Souls Quest
  • Tears of the Damned & Anger Management Quest
  • Focusing the Eye Quest
  • Good News Everyone Quest
  • A Unified Effort Quest
  • Shaping Fate Quest

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