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WoW Iron Man Challenge

Kharlos & the Iron Man Challenge

I have recently been accepted in to the Warcraft Addicts community and came across the “We So Hordie” channel doing the Iron Man challenge. I’ve heard so much about this challenge over the years but never had a go. Well watching We So Hordie has inspired me to find out more about the challenge and what is involved – and it’s another excuse to make another Alt right?

WoW Iron Man Challenge - Night Elf Hunter - Nehiron

Iron Man Challenge Stats

You can follow my progress on the official Iron Man character stats page.

Official Iron Man Rules

  • DON’T DIE (This will be hard for me, my characters die regularly!)
  • Only White & Grey Gear
  • No Talents
  • No Professions
  • No Buffs (with a few exceptions)
  • Killing Blows over 75%
  • No Party / Grouping
  • No Dungeons / Raids
  • Did I mention DON’T DIE!!

The full rules can be found here:

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