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Nathanos Blightcaller Pre-Launch Event

Get off my Roof!

It seems that Nathanos Blightcaller does not like players on the roof of his house as I found out during a live stream. Shortly after killing Nathanos, I decided to stop off on his roof before moving on. Before I knew what was happening he had respawned and one-shotted me. His arrow hit so hard it threw me off his roof and I fell to my death. (Nothing new there then, but it was a very funny way to go!).

UPDATE: Wowhead has since reported that Nathanos Blightcaller really doesn’t like players being on top of his roof. If he detects people on the roof of his house he will ruthlessly fling (he one-shots them with an arrow, if you check my video) players from the roof. The arrow hits so hard it literally launches unsuspecting players into the air only to fall to their death. 

It is intended to stop ranged players from standing out of harm’s way during the pre-launch event encounter with Nathanos where you can earn an ilvl 115 weapon. 

I thought it was quite hilarious. 

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