The Great Gnomeregan Run Quest 2020 (Solo Run at x2 Speed) WoW In-Game Micro-Holiday World Event

The Great Gnomeregan Run – In-game Event & Quest
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The Great Gnomeregan Run quest takes place as an in-game event in the World of Warcraft each October. Affectionately known as The Running of the Gnomes this quest is picked up from Mina Gleespanner in the Gnome starter area just outside Gnomeregan and once you cross the Starting Line, there are a series of gates you have to clear on your way to the Finish Line at Booty Bay where you will find Gelbin Mekkatorque waiting for you to complete the quest. Full details of the questline can be found on Wowhead at

2020 Great Gnomeregan Run
I decided to take my Gnome Hunter and solo the run prior to the main event of the Running of the Gnomes (which only takes place on the Scarlet Crusade US realm).

Join Sumerz the Gnome Hunter with her mechanical rabbit ‘rampant’ as they run solo from Gnomeregan, through Dun Morogh to Ironforge, catch the tram to Stormwind, crossing Elwynn Forest and Darkshire, continuing down through Stranglethorn Vale to Booty Bay in this x2 speed playback.

The Running of the Gnomes / The Great Gnomeregan Race is an in-game community event that started on a single server, Scarlet Crusade, where low-level Gnomes run from the Gnome starting zone to Booty Bay in order to help raise awareness and funding for Breast Cancer. The yearly run was so popular with the WoW community that Blizzard decided to honour the event with a Micro-Holiday called the Great Gnomeregan Race. The micro holiday now provides players with a racecourse and NPCs to cheer them on. The Micro-Holiday takes place on all servers, but the community and gathering of players is still held on the Scarlet Crusade US server.

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