RAID: Shadow Legends for PC

Raid: Shadow Legends are sponsoring our community on tomorrow’s stream. (29th August 2021).

The game is free to play, looks amazing, the gameplay is simple and I’ve enjoyed playing it in the past on mobile, although I didn’t get very far! 


The fantasy, turn-based Role-Playing Game (RPG) RAID: Shadow Legends is a Top 3 RPG game on Mobile with over 15 million downloads, so it will be interesting to see how the PC version stacks up. 

RAID: Shadow Legends

There are 400 champions to collect and customise as you build your team and claim glory in the story campaign or even PVP. I’m planning to have a go at both the campaign and PVP during the stream.

You can help support the stream by installing the game and playing through the tutorial (takes about 5 mins). 

Tune in to my Twitch Channel from 10am (UK BST) tomorrow (29.08.21) to see how I get on. 

Please note: This will be a #Sponsored / #Ad stream for Raid: Shadow Legends PC Version

About Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is Plarium’s latest RPG Game and is now available to play on PC, having originally been released as a ‘freemium’ mobile game. This means that the game is free to install and play, but money is charged for additional features that can be unlocked to assist with gameplay.

Gameplay consists of turn-based role-playing with a fantasy-themed genre. The game’s campaign takes place in the fantasy world of Teleria, and tells the story of how the realm has been subjugated by the Dark Lord Siroth. As a player you must assemble a party of characters to battle through castles, dungeons, deserts and temples. By battling through various enemies you collect Shards, Silver and Gems that can be used to help progress your characters.

Players can interconnect with a multi-player component by joining together in a Clan, allowing them to battle a Clan Boss, which gives advanced rewards.

Game Reputation

The game launch saw a massive advertising campaign and did get some negative feedback from the player-base, but I have to say I liked the sense of humour in many of the commercials, and I did download the mobile version of the game. I still dip in and play it every now and again, although I haven’t bothered to delve deep enough that I felt the need to purchase any of the micro-transactions available to boost (which is the case with many of these types of mobile games). You do have to consider that maybe for all the negativity around the massive advertising campaign, it looks like it paid off for the developers, because Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the Top 3 RPG mobile games on the market.

To be fair, I think the graphics do look good for a mobile game and it will be interesting to see how this has ported to PC.

As I mentioned, there are a whole bunch of commercials on their YouTube Channel that have been compiled in to a Playlist. Well worth a watch if you like the game, or even if you just fancy a chuckle.

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