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ESO Character Creation Lagertha Nord Dragonknight

I’ve really enjoyed watching the Vikings TV series following Ragnar & Lagertha Lothbrok from season 1 on the History Channel to the current Season. Lagertha is a firm fan favourite and definitely my favourite character in the entire series.

If you have not seen Season 6 of the Vikings yet, please stop reading this article, and don’t watch the video – it contains spoilers!

If you have, then carry on…
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Lagertha, (played by Katheryn Winnick), has been such a strong character throughout and one that I could easily take sides with. In Season 6 the defence of village I was practically cheering the Shieldmaiden on as she and the villagers fought off White Hair’s bandits. I felt her pain when he then killed her grandson and was willing her on when she met White Hair in single combat. Despite winning she was seriously wounded and returned to Kattegat where she ultimately met with an unfortunate death.

Lagertha’s death was sad and Lagertha’s funeral was definitely an “ET” moment, and I don’t mind admitting there wasn’t a dry eye in the Man Cave.

So…. I decided I wanted to make a tribute character to Lagertha Lothbrok the Shieldmaiden and create a Norse Shieldmaiden on one of my MMORPG Games. I figured the best one to do this on would be The Elder Scrolls Online using the Nord race, who are obviously closely modelled on the Norse, and chose a Dragonknight class that has weapon skills that complement a sword and shield.

Let me know what you think… Did I manage to get somewhere close to an iconic Norse Shieldmaiden?

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